Cathedral Museum

In the Cathedral in the city of Toledo, you can visit several collections of art in the Sacristy, the Chapter House, the Choir and the Main Chapel, featuring major artists such as Goya, Titian, Zurbarán, Rubens and Rafael; aalthough, without doubt, out of all of the works the Monstrance by Enrique de Arfe found in the Treasury Museum is especially noteworthy.

In the Chapel of the Treasury is exhibited the Monstrance by Enrique de Arfe, painted in the XVI Century.

In the Sacristy you can admire the Apostolate and the Disrobing of Christ by El Greco, The Taking of Christ by Goya, as well as paintings by influential artists such as Titian, Zurbarán, Rubens, Rizzi, Tristán, Rafael, Van Dyck, Bellini and Saint Francis of Assisi sculpted by Pedro de Mena, as well as valuable codexes, such as the three volumes of the Bible of San Luis (1250).

In the room that leads to the vestry, there is another excelent collection of paintings, with works by Velázquez and Ribera.

The Chapter House contains frescoes by Juan de Borgoña and portraits of all the prelates of the Arhdiocese.

The Main Chapel exhibits its extraordinary altarpiece, on which Enrique Egas, Felipe Vigarny, Copín de Holanda and Juan de Borgoña worked, among others. The presbytery is closed by a grill of fine plateresque style, by Villalpando. The Choir has a wide range of sculptors such as Berruguete, Vigarny and Rodrigo Alemán.

The present Cathedral was ordered to be built by Fernando III and archbishop Ximénez de Rada, who placed the firt stone in 1227. The Main Mosque of Toledo stood on this site, demolished by Alfonso VI. Wuthin the cathedral complex there is the Treasury-Museum, the Chapeter House, the Sacristy, the Choir and the main Chapel.

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