Tornerías Mosque

The timing around the second half of the eleventh century. It is located in what was called in medieval times Arrabal francs, close to the Zoco bruñidores and above the souk-changers in the heart of a predominantly commercial neighborhood.

The Mosque of turnery, kept their religion even after they have taken the city by Alfonso XV; was desacalizada by the Catholic Monarchs between 1498 and 1505. At present, it houses the Center for the Promotion of Handicrafts.

The floor of the mosque is irregular square. The space is organized in four columns without bases, in three ships, generating nine square compartments. All of them are covered by domes Vaida, except the central cruciform structure. The arches are of a horseshoe with a variety of proportions, which are attached to the walls closing. In the side wall of the mihrab qiba had found.

What determines the uniqueness of this building is indeed unusual to have two floors, because of the unevenness of the terrain. The entrance from the square Solarejo is virtually at the floor of the mosque or worship area, while the ground floor of the street turnery, composed of three naves divided by granite semicircular arches - Roman arches, opens structures of one of the water tanks, Castellum acquae that underpin it.

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