Tolède dans les films

Una de las últimas ciudades fortaleza que quedan en el mundo conservando intacto su legado histórico y su patrimonio arquitectónico.

Sin duda Toledo es un escenario perfecto para recrear cualquier producción de época o documentales históricos.

La aparición de la ciudad en el cine ha mostrado a ojos del mundo, las muchas caras que esconde Toledo y es uno de los exponentes de su presencia en las artes.

The Circus World (1964)

At the time Sergio Leone, Ducio Tessari, Lucio Fulci and Umberto Lenzi made Hollywood competition, with their spaghetti westerns filmed in Almeria, Samuel Bronston he saw the grace of this shoot in Spain, by the fidelity of their decorated natural and urban or government facilities.

In skilled hands of producer came many titles Tinseltown, but with a celebration of life in the circus, Bronston production brought to Toledo to John Wayne, Claudia Cardinale and Rita Hayworth to roll along the Tagus, the by Henry Hathaway.

Viridiana (1961)

Buñuel Toledo fell in love with in the 20s, when he visited the city often along with other fellow residents of Free Teaching: Dalí, Lorca, Alberti ...

Together through the city, its corners, its taverns, its spell. They live their own "sleepless night" when after creating the Order of Toledo, a satirical inspiration Buñuel maintained for 13 years and making a mockery of lodges that brings together many artists live every night like ancient inhabitants of the city were.
One night of legend, Buñuel just wandering alone through Toledo, ending the journey with a kiss on the recumbent figure of Cardinal Tavera.

That night in Toledo Viridiana is Catherine Deneuve kisses when Cardinal lying in his mausoleum. Also with reference to the macabre severed heads, exposed in Lope we see on the screen. So many details in a movie from the opening credits, and captivating shows the city and night. Almost always night.

You shall not covet your neighbor's 5th (1970)

The landismo also ended up in Toledo and although his other films (and many of the same era) approached the city, it is worth noting especially the designer played by Alfredo Landa and walking with his bleached hair, making Zocodover Square sigh more than one client and neighbor.

The character of Landa, funny as always at this stage of his career, sighing really by the charms of his neighbor, the 5th, which in turn captivates with a dream princess, so jealousy of husbands to their clients are always unfounded, but sighs promenades and nobody finds anything.

The scenery that makes up the city to the "break" of the protagonist to Madrid, is probably one of the attractions of the film, which drew inspiration from the same producers.

The Ninth Gate (1999)

Perhaps the most cinematic of all the novels of Arturo Perez-Reverte, for its dark narrative rhythm and fast, but also the most difficult to shoot (except for titles of time), as was an effort to find production and outdoor locations or to represent faithfully the atmosphere that breathes history, death and betrayal under mild odor of bookstores.

The novel and placed the action at key moments in Toledo and although problems with the final assembly, prevented certain scenes will be shot, could be seen on the streets of the historic center and the railway station, the team chasing the adventures of Polanski Corso, played by Johnny Depp.

Also some hotels in the city, majestic to the director's intentions, were used as interior sets of the film.

Lázaro de Tormes (2000)

One of the most international of our literature, Lazarillo de Tormes, could not stay without film version and there are several projects that have been brought to the screen.

The last of these remakes, the teacher Fernando Fernan-Gomez, was shot and almost whole in Toledo is that the city is almost a character in the film, as it is the backdrop to the whole story. By the time the novel was published, the sixteenth century, Toledo was a pulsating meeting point of three cultures: Jewish, Christian and Arabic.

Rafael Alvarez 'El Brujo', Karra Elejarle, Francisco Rabal and Agustín González, through the streets of Toledo in one of the shootings that have more presence in the city.

Take My Eyes (2003)

Pilar flees into the night in his house, located in a residential suburb and Toledo; carries his son about eight years. In their flight seeks refuge with her sister, an art restorer who leads an independent life beside his Scottish couple, both living in the old historic part of town.

Take my eyes, is a tender and touching but also cruel and truthful film about the mistreatment of women in our country, shot entirely in Toledo, according to its director environment Bollain "adds to its splendor and artistic historical and religious weight another dimension to this story of love, fear, control and power. "

A film which won many awards, among which stand out the 7 Goyas obtained Spanish Cinema Night 2004 and the city has offered the possibility of being shown to the world as a peaceful and serene city (as is its historical , haven for the persecuted protagonist), which greatly inspired the director.

El Greco: The painter of God (2007)

I could not miss this film references list, one that was to the great painter 'Toledo' that so important given glory to international painting and this city as protagonist.

Several film versions of it, but especially the most current Spanish-Greek co-production ended in 2007, film cameras brought back to the city to shoot many of the key scenes of the film.

Although it was an English actor in charge of playing El Greco, several Spanish players like Juan Diego Botto and Laia Marull have a fundamental in the Scenic Byway.

13 Roses (2007)

The historic theater in Toledo has one of its major allies from the point of view of the production design.

Its still preserved historic and monumental aspect of making films useful for requiring a scenario that has not succumbed to the change of modernity and in the case of 'The 13 roses' its proximity to Madrid and its corners optimal representation of the 30s, was what the production team needed to give visual realism to the historical context of the film.

After 6 days of shooting, the city of Toledo provided the perfect exteriors footage to show the time that the film tells a story about the thirteen girls sentenced to death at the beginning of the Civil War, for belonging to the Socialist Youth.

The Escorial Conspiracy (2008)

Undoubtedly, one of the blockbusters of recent times, as to historical films is concerned.

The Hospital de Tavera, the door hinge, inside the Cathedral and the Town Hall Square in front of it, were the places chosen by the production team, to install cameras and shoot this historical thriller with a great international cast of actors enshrined.

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