Town Hall

The building of the Town Hall was entrusted to the magistrate Gómez Manrique. Its distinctive shape took many years to carry out, as its construction began in 1575 according to the design project by Juan Herrera. The initial severity of the main facade is due to this man, built on an extensive underground base of dressed cut stone, on whose length nine round arches were opened.

Nicolás de Vergara El Mozo and Juan Bautista Monegro worked on the first floor, composed of nine round arches between columns. Jorge Manuel Theotocópulos completed the upper floor at the beginning of the XVII Century, including nine square openings.

The finish of the towers bearing baroque slate capitals is by Ardemans, as late as 1703. On the triangular front there is the emblem of the city.

The perfect symmetry of the building and the use of Tuscan columns evokes Italian classicism.

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