Toledo Night


Toledo is a city with many faces.

One of many to be discovered is its dark side, its obverse night, and is at this point that the historic and ancient walls offer us its most bohemian night owl.

The city becomes an accomplice and labyrinthine streets are transformed into a musical map of corners, the gaze of history sleeps and comes alive at night, under their feet, casing to Toledo in a veil of smiles and meetings.

The hidden city center bars, pubs and clubs where any day of the week is good for a few drinks, chat and enjoy an evening party in the best possible scenario. The alleys that inspired legends and places that have accumulated centuries stain jazz, alternative rock, funk and electronic music.
Exit out: Las Terrazas.

Toledo not only demonstrates their environment within their bars.

"Get out", the terraces and enjoy the evening in the company, lit by the lights of the lanterns only and the elusive moon beam playing between buildings and corners, that is in the sleepless night that quiet self-confidence , fresh audacity that evening meetings.

Both spaces cohabit, live together as one to which any visitor who loves music, friends and enjoy the evening with a glass of DJ's, concerts, performances, light and shadow.

A city, many corners

Besides the old town, where the streets around Alfileritos find a number of different local, Toledo also has other areas in which to enjoy the night.

On the banks of the Tagus (Terrazas de La Peraleda) and the various climbs into the valley, orchards, chill-out's and hip clubs provide an opportunity most distinguished visitors and neighborhood outside the walls of Santa Teresa, the same bars that during the day we offer caps and rods, will become the site sundown typical night meeting.


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