Toledo on Holiday

The most established traditions and customs of Toledo reach their maximum expression during the holiday. For centuries, the narrow streets of the Historic Quarter have featured the religious festival of Corpus Christi, declared of International Tourist Interest, during which the city prepares its best shows. 

The streets covered in awnings and carpets of thyme, rosemary and lavender, together with the flowers and tapestries on the facades of buildings, lead to the eye-catching processional cortège, culminating in the Monstrance by Enrique de Arfe, from the XVI Century. These days are an ideal time to visit the traditional patios, open to the public and decorated. 

In spring, Holy Week is celebrated too, of National Tourist Interest, which shows the austerity of the streets of Toledo and the steps taken by its brothers in a spectacular nocturnal silent procession illuminated by candles. 

Of a more inclusive nature, although with a marked religious tone, the fair and fiestas of the city are held in the middle of summer, in honour of the Virgen del Sagrario along with many saint's days, although the most important is the saint's day of the Virgen del Valle, when thousands of Toledo people go out to the country to celebrate the 1 of May.


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