Shopping in Toledo

One of the most attractive options for another way to enjoy our city is shopping. The historic center of Toledo is full of traditional shops with souvenirs and typical products (damasquinos, swords, knives, pottery, marzipan, etc ...)

In every corner you may find some of these stores, especially in the areas most important monuments, but the most important trade routes in this regard are the street and around Sao Tome by the Jewish neighborhood.

The area around the Alcazar of Toledo, the cathedral are also important areas for this type of shops, and special mention has to Commerce Street, on the Plaza de Zocodover and up near the cathedral, souvenir shops and artisanal products blend with big brand shops, cafes and restaurants.

Other neigborhoods and "Luz del Tajo".

Leaving the Historic Area extends new city of Toledo.

The capital of Castilla-La Mancha has a very diverse supply in this part of town, as traditional stores of Historic now give way to shop with all kinds of shops (fashion, furnishings, services, catering ...). Among the more commercial districts of the new area of the city highlights of Santa Teresa, where he was moving every day hundreds of people to do their shopping or watch shops.

The remaining districts of the city also have their shops, but in that of in the neighborhood of Santa Maria de Benquerencia is the Mall Luz del Tajo, with shops of all kinds, from fashion to furnishings, or electronic gadgets. In the Mall will also find movie theaters and restaurants.

Luz del Tajo shopping center

The Luz del Tajo Shopping Centre is located in the neighbourhood of Santa María de Benquerencia, on the outskirts of the historic city of Toledo.

Its construction, featuring more than 42,000 square metres and more than one hundred shops, restaurants, cafes, eight cinema screens, leisure centre and a large hypermarket, represented a major change in the traditional concept of the city.

The architecture of Luz del Tajo respects the history of the city and is inspired by the fascination produced by the architecture of the city, melting and combining ochre stone, glass, and light.

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