The Roman Baths of Plaza de Amador de los Ríos

Discovered in 1986, the archaological remains at the site show the impressive buildins and monuments of the city of Toledo during the Roman times, designed and built with the latest Roman times, designed and built with the lastest Roman Urban development models at the time and with a clear influence of the capital of the Roman empire: the city of Rome.

Thus, the archaeological remains found at the site are point of reference for the construction systems and precesses uses in Roman Engineering and architecture, some of wich were a true technological revolution in Hispanic times, such as the use of limestone concrete (opus Caementicium) or arches made with stone voussoirs. These innovations are represented here, with a chanelling section or arched gallery made with Opus Caementicium and an arch composed of dressed granite voussoirs, which were part of the clean water supply of the city, in particular and given its dimensions, the supply of the most important public buildings.

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