The Caves of Hercules

The site where the caves of Hercules are located (callejón de San Gines, 3) shows the impressive and rich architectural history, since many different buildings were built here throughout the ages: a water deposit used to supply the city was built here during the Roman times, as part of the Roman water network of Toledo.

Later on,during Visigoth times, a Christian temple was erected over the water deposit and during the XII century a new temple was built there, dedicated to San Ginés, as the main site for the Parish Church with the same name. The small church of San Ginés was abandoned in the XVIII century and it was demolished in the XIX century (1841). Currently, only part of the perimeter walls remain, as well as the vestry and basements.

As regards the Church of San Ginés, the archaeological investigations gathered enough information for the partial reconstruction of the church base. Some of the information gathered indicates that the building could have been built for some sort of Islamic cult, transforming the bulding into a church after the Reconquest.

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