Remains of the Roman Aqueduct

Existing Roman remains in the city are mainly associated with the carrying, storage, and discharge of water.

Water used to arrive to Toledo from the mountains, around 40 kilometres away. The Sewer dam has been preserved in the district of Mazarambroz, as well as part of the water piping and the urban containers and the drainage exit. Recently remains of public baths in the centre of the city have been discovered and restored.

The remains of the aqueduct, close to the Bridge of Alcántara, are also Roman, belonging to the abutments of the colossal arcades that protected the deep river canyon. Only the beginning of its supports on each bank can be seen.

Due to its great height, much higher than the aqueduct in Segovia, it may have been a siphon bridge, using the force of gravity to lift water up the rock.

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