In Toledo still keeps the tradition of celebrating pilgrimages to the shrines in the vicinity of the city. The calendar of religious festivals of popular character begins after Easter, with "reviernes" in the Chapel of Cristo de la Vega. There are processions themselves, by having distinctly liturgical prelude for seven weeks on Pentecost Sunday.

The popular pilgrimages all culminate in a procession through the outskirts of the corresponding chapel. Celebrations and varied activities usually last three days of the weekend, then called Triduum, being ninth in the case of the Virgen de la Estrella. In all it flatters the audience with lemonade and tostones. There is usually traditional auctions and donuts and rocket fire at the end of the party.

The first of the pilgrimage is the Ermita de la Virgen de la Cabeza, held the last Sunday in April.

On May 1 of Toledo attending the most popular and busiest pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of the Valley. Pilgrims arriving the day before receiving bread and cheese from the brothers. According to tradition, the day of the Virgin, single women who want to stop being should ring the bell of the chapel. The Saturday following the auction takes place the gifts offered by traders.

The second Sunday of May is celebrated pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of La Bastida. After the Solemn Eucharist, the attendees are invited to have a snack on the patio. In the afternoon the procession leaves the hall for the surrounding pine forest. According to popular legend, each person visiting the shrine, after praying before the cross, should pick up a stone to cure your toothache.

The third Sunday of May is celebrated pilgrimage in the Chapel of the Holy Guardian Angel, the only one located within private grounds, the Angel Cigarral. Both the orchard as the newly restored chapel, including the presiding box Carduccio the altar and the Garden of the Poets.

The pilgrimage begins on Saturday evening with prayer and the Mass for the dead brothers, followed by a tasting of "the holy spring water", ie, lemonade and fruit wine. On Sunday at noon Mass is celebrated and are blessed "quínolas" or holy bread, pasta special prepared for the occasion, with the procession to dusk. It is very characteristic mode balance the image by the bearers to the sound of the national anthem at the exit and entry into the chapel, while attendees take to the figure rose petals.

The fourth Sunday in May, following the procession of the Holy Angel, is celebrated in the Chapel of Our Lady of the Star, while ninth and already on Friday of the previous week with a proclamation begin the activities. The feast day itself is celebrated Mass with choir, the rosary, the novena and procession in the afternoon. Then there are crumbs, chocolate, traditional contests and auctions. The chapel, once located in the suburb, has been integrated within the city walls.

It also has roots tradition by Rocío Andalusians settled in Toledo. The procession is the first stage symbolic way to Almonte. Part of the convent church of San Antonio fifteen days before the Monday of Pentecost, pilgrims arrive, dressed in typical costumes rocieros, joined by riders from the Puerta del Cambron, trade fair of Peraleda.

Ends of the annual pilgrimage, the Shrine of St. Jerome, held on the Sunday closest to September 30, the feast of the Holy and the Shrine of the Virgin of the Guide, always held on October 12, the feast of the Virgen del Pilar. This chapel is located within the grounds of the Academy of Infantry and open to the public only on this occasion.

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