Sheds and alleys

Cobertizo de Santo Domingo el Real

One of the most important and long sheds of the city. This is a public highway deck on the grounds that he communicate between different buildings convents in the area. Over the centuries donations forced the houses adjoining convents steps to build communication above the level of the streets. His visit at night, with the subdued light and shelter in the form of tunnel, is an attractive route for a very special night on Toledo.

Cobertizo de San Pedro Mártir

Another sheds best known of the city, inside the building of the Convent of St. Peter Martyr, which currently hosts on the inside the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences at the University of Castilla-La Mancha in Toledo.

Arquillo del Judío

At the end of the Angel street, along with the School of Arts and the Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes, is a reconstruction of what was then an old Arquilla Jew who joined the neighborhood of Al-Aqaba "al - arrabal largest-Jews and Jewish Mayor. In the year 1391 Christians attacked and ransacked the Jewish quarter, after forcing doors like this to be closed at night.

Calle del Locum / Callejón del Diablo

The uniqueness of these narrow streets and demonstrate their slopes why Toledo is not just big buildings and monuments. Behind the Theatre de Rojas and the Inn of the Brotherhood are numerous slopes and narrow alleys of esoteric name that will give towards the neighborhoods of San Justo and San Miguel. A tour of the night will lead you to think in a different and hidden Toledo.

Calle de Alfileritos

It is called so because some time ago women iban a boyfriend to ask the Virgin in exchange for depositing a pin in its niche. This narrow street communicates with others known from the city centre and is one of the most crowded by visitors in search of alleys and courtyards typical Toledano meanwhile monument.

Cuesta del Águila

Almost hidden among the confluence of the street Nunez de Arce and street carts, it emerges that this communicates to the central Plaza de Zocodover. Its narrow trail and its recesses are an example of the architectural uniqueness of the city and, of course, the countless slopes that exist in Toledo.


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