Panoramic views

Mirador del Valle

Across the river Tagus, is this viewpoint at the top of the valley over the river Tagus that allows us to contemplate the traditional views of the city of Toledo as often portrayed.

Mirador del Castillo de San Servando

From this landmark medieval castle located above the Tagus River, you can see some different views of the Old Historic Toledo with the river and the bridge Alcantara background on a stage on which imposes the famous Alcazar in Toledo.

Mirador del Palacio de Fuensalida

From the Plaza del Conde, compared with this palace is that current seat of government of Castilla-La Mancha, one can contemplate the neighborhood of the Jewish quarter and its narrow streets filled with souvenir shops and typical articles of Toledo.

Cerro de la Virgen de Gracia

Situated on the ancient hill of the same name, this viewpoint is on a public square consider allowing some exceptional views of the facade of the Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes and nearby Tagus River.

Murallas del Paseo del Carmen

Another point from which to contemplate the imposing Castillo de San Servando and Alcantara Bridge over the River Tagus, as well as the Tavera Hospital in outside the old city.

Torreón del Puente de San Martín

Above the bridge of San Martin rises this ancient tower defensive now become a public park. From the battlements of it you can see the bridge over the Tagus and the old quarter of San Martin.

Mirador de Santa Ana

Descending from the gardens of the School of Arts and Crafts and the Plaza de Barrio Nuevo is this little corner on which you can see the Tagus River Bridge and St. Martin in a deiferente and Roca Tarpeya.

Corralillo de San Miguel

From this spot near the Alcazar you can see some nice views of the surrounding valleys with the Academy Infantry or the Castillo de San Servando over the River Tagus.

Mirador de la Puerta del Sol

En la subida principal hacia el centro del Casco Histórico, de camino a la Plaza de Zocodover, se encuentra este mirador, desde el cual se ven los arrabales de la ciudad.

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