Palace of Galiana

The present building, located in what is traditionally called "la Huerta del Rey", was rebuilt in the XIV Century on the site of the entertainment palace of the Taifa king Al-Mamún.

It must have been a splendid botanic garden and weekend country house in the XI Century, since there are contemporary descriptions of the luxurious summer palace and its swimming pool, in whose centre a fantastic centrepiece was erected made of coloured glass.

Alfonso VI of Castile was a guest here in his exile in Toledo during the fights with his brother, king Sancho II of León. A year later, with his friend Al-Mamún already dead, without an heir, the Castilian occupied the palace during the siege of the city. The Almoravids destroyed the gardens in their attempts to retake Tolaitola, the Christian troops that defeated them at Navas de Tolosa finishing the destruction. The property passed into the hands of the Empress Eugenia of Montijo, who wanted to restore the palace, although this was not done until 1931, when it was then declared a historic-artistic monument.

The current mansion, magnificently restored in Mudejar style, although taking some historical licence, is a building with a rectangular base, with a large hall divided into three naves ending in two chambers. A cross-section with an interior patio connects the two naves to each other. One facade looks out over the Tajo and the other on a pond, that may well occupy the site of that first idiosyncratic swimming pool. The remains of the colurs from the XIII Century and the plaster mouldings of the XIV Century attest to the fact that the palace was rebuitl after the battle of Las Navas.

Since the XVI Century it has held its current name, in memory of the fabulous palaces and gardens to be found in the Toledo alficén (enclosed city) inhabited by the beautiful Muslim princess, legendary daughter of king Galafre and wife of Carlomagno.

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