Municipal Archive

Among the projects for rehabilitation works in the Old Historic, Toledo City Council convened in the year 1985 a national competition of architecture for the rehabilitation of the ancient temple of San Marcos and its conversion into Cultural Center.

The project envisioned in its first phase complete rehabilitation of the remains of the ancient temple of San Marcos, in order to preserve and highlight what still remained as recognizable monument. The archaeological excavations conducted during the rehabilitation process had brought numerous testimonies historical presence Roman, Visigothic, Arabic and medieval, which have been respected and incorporated into the action, allowing its integration throughout the piece as an added value.

At the site they occupied the ruins not recoverable or missing, we built a new volume of contemporary architecture designed to accommodate units of the Municipal Archive, with large spaces reserved for consulting researchers, storage and services.

In this Archive, one of the richest in Spain, preserved an invaluable documentary heritage, among which stands out the book of Acts Chapter since mid-sixteenth century to the present; letters from the Catholic Monarchs, Charles V and Philip II ; scrolls rolled granting privileges to the city, the records of Cabildo Juror or a real unique stamp collection. The new facilities have enabled the City to comply with its obligation to keep properly throughout this historic documentation.

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