Moro Workshop

The Museum "Moro Workshop" in the city of Toledo, can be found located in a former Mudejar palace from the XIV Century and holds pieces of Mudejar art and craftsmanship from the XIV and XV Century. It owes its name to the fact that, according to folklore, this place was used during the Middle Ages as a warehouse and repair workshop of the materials used for the walls of the Cathedral.

The central piece is dedicated to the collection of Mudejar ceramics and tiles from Toledo in the XIV and XV Centuries. In the hall on the right there are pieces of wooden craftwork, especially that used in ancient homes, such as beams, freizes, modillions and sculpted tableaus. Finally, the room on the left is dedicated to archaeological remains and contains headstones, ropes, Cordoban capitals and arches from the time.

The museum was born in 1963 when the State acquired and restored the building. This is the only civic monument from the first half of the XIV Century that has been preserved in Toledo. In Mudejar style, it has a strong Muslim personality that is reminiscent of the rooms of the Alhambra. The remains consist of a central hall and two side rooms, interconnected by arches featuring complex plaster mouldings and covered by wooden ceilings.

A flat-roofed gallery encircles the building on the main floor, supported by stone columns with Ionic capitals. It has two Renaissance entrances that give access to the building; they are made of stone, brick and masonry.

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