Mobility in Toledo

Mechanical lift

The mechanical lift Recaredo Walk is a set of six escalators that provide access to the Old Town from the new part of the city.

Its operation provides convenient access to the historic center of Toledo near the Palace of the Provincial Council, from where you can also enjoy the view of the modern part of the growing city.

The mechanical lift Recaredo is the first of its kind in the city and will follow the same one that will rise along the banks of the Tagus, Safont area, for quicker access to the center from the station environment bus and railway station.

The current mechanical lift came in response to the Special Plan of Toledo Historic within their major objectives of providing infrastructure to improve accessibility to the monumental. At his feet is an underground car park where you can leave the car after using the stairs, to walk the streets of the historic Toledo.

The Recaredo escalators are an important step towards modernism in Toledo and are fully integrated into the historic city as urban element.

Urban Transport

Information and ticket sales
Place of purchase: Zococentro: C / Stalls, 14 and on the buses themselves
Phone: +34 900 506 848 and +34 925 220 300

Regular lines to the historic center:
from the Bus Station: L-5, L-12
from the railway station (AVE): L-5, L-6.1, L-6.2, L-22 (only path Pl railroad station. than Zocovoder).

Taxi Stops
Castilla La Mancha Avenue (next to the bus station): Telephone: +34 925 216 522
Cuesta Carlos V (with Zocodover): Telephone: +34 925 222 396
P º Merchan (next to the door hinge): Telephone: +34 925 221 696
Railway station. Barber Avenue (next to Hospital "Virgen de la Salud"): Telephone: +34 925 221 698

Radio Taxi
Phone: +34 925 255 050
Phone: +34 925 227 070

Car Rental

Address: C /. Estenilla River, 14-45007 TOLEDO
Phone: +34 925 23 March 21

Address: Paseo de la Rosa, 1-45006 TOLEDO
Phone: +34 925 21 57 94

Address: Plaza de Zocodover, 2-45001 TOLEDO
Phone: +34 925 65 January 56

Address: Paseo de la Rosa 1-45006 TOLEDO
Phone: +34 925 25 38 89

Address: C /. Jarama, 10 Ship 11-45007 TOLEDO
Phone: +34 925 23 13 98

Rubicar, S.A.
Address: C /. Jarama, 361-45007 TOLEDO
Phone: +34 902 10 September 60

Address: Av Rio Guadarrama, 148-45007 TOLEDO
Phone: +34 925 33 40 60

Address: C /. Julio Palacios, 10 - Pol Leganes. MADRID 28914
Phone: +34 916 80 33 75

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