Hospital of el Nuncio

This represented very advanced hospital architecture, being an example of Neoclassicism and was ordered to be built by cardinal Lorenzana at the end of the XVIII Century

Erected at almost the same time and by the same architect, Ignacio Haan, as the Lorenzana University, it retains many formal similarities to it, but is more austere in appearance.

Access is through a double portico in the centre of the facade, with superimposed galleries, each one having three openings. This is a building of large dimensions and regular proportions, structured around four patios; the base is made by a cross engraved in a rectangle with the chapel in the central section, with an oval base and vaulted.

The main facade, of two floors on a stone foundation, allows the difference in height from the street to be lessened. Inside the most outstanding item is the building of a main staircase in several sections of great width, that connect the entrance to the chapel.

Its interior was heavily redesigned for administrative uses by the Board of Communities of Castile-La Mancha.

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