Holy Week

Holy Week in Toledo, declared of International Tourist Interest, has a special appeal for the unusual scenario of steep, narrow streets and its severity penitential. All processions pass at night, showing the beauty and antiquity of some images in the light of candles and torches. Each Brotherhood and Brotherhood takes its characteristic colorful dresses for each, type Nazareno, composed habit with sash and cap, hood or hood on his head, many with veil that hides the face.

For several days before the Board of Brotherhoods of the Holy Week and the Church of Toledo Toledo triduums celebrate their septenary and the Holy Office and other cults, such as taxation and blessing of the habits of the new brothers. Besides attending the visit to the Blessed Sacrament processions in traditional monuments, especially in cloistered convents. It is a unique opportunity to see their churches, artistic gems, open to the public only on Thursday and Friday. The first procession takes place on Good Friday, in the previous week. The image of Our Lady of Solitude is cover and accompanied by the Ladies of the Brotherhood, dressed in deep mourning, leaving at eleven at night the church of Saints Justa and Rufina.

The Palm Sunday procession left the cathedral by the Puerta del Reloj, to reenter the Puerta Llana. The procession of the Holy Christ of Hope, Easter Monday, is often accompanied by Gregorian chants its inception by the seminarians. The procession of Holy Wednesday, Christ the Redeemer, ends the Miserere sung in the convent church of Santo Domingo el Real. The night of Thursday to Friday two processions leave the Cathedral, at nine the first and the second miedianoche.

They are of course wider, because they join the procession of the Christ of the Expiration, from three in the morning and Holy Encounter from six in the morning. The same day, in the evening, three processions start simultaneously, starting in the oldest parishes, Santa Leocadia, El Salvador and Santa Justa and Rufina, sharing part of the journey, to return to their churches. They are the processions of the Christ of Mercy, Holy Christ of Faith and the Holy Burial.

Then, at one o'clock in the morning, already Saturday, the procession of the Christ of the Good Death, from the Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes, the penitents wearing the Franciscan habit. The Easter Vigil takes place in every church, awaiting the midnight, entering Easter Sunday with the double procession of the Virgin of Joy Santísma and Risen Lord, in which, after the meeting of the images, the Virgin it lifts the veil of mourning and wizards celebrate with hot chocolate in front of the parish of St. Andrew.

Fiesta of International Interest

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Proccesions from every church and great monuments like the Cathedral or the Monstaery of San Juan de los Reyes

Itis a good time Good time emjoy the beauty of the narrow streets of Toledo. The processions are at night, highlighting sacred images in the light of candles.

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