Hermitage of Virgen de la Cabeza

Located on a steep hill in the orchard area, above the river Tajo, it offers some outstanding views of Toledo. It can be reached by the street that begins its swift ascent from the “Venta del Alma”.

This was built in the XVI Century but fell into ruins and was rebuilt in 1856. It has only one nave with a rectangular base and a flat roof without apse and with an entrance at the base. The image shows the appearance of the Virgin Mary to a shepherd, showing him where to build the hermitage.

It is still open for worship on Sundays, celebrating the first Saint's Day of the year on the last Sunday in April, just before the most popular Saint’s Day in Toledo and the only one with a fixed date, that of the Virgin of the Valley on 1 May.

A strange fact worth mentioning is that the South hill is overrun with long-thorned thistles from the Canary Islands, which have grown alone and are spread by the sheep that grazed there

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