Convent of Santa Fe

Nothing except the name remains of the original chapel founded by the Franks who took part in the conquest of Toledo alongside Alfonso VI. The apse remains from the Mudejar chapel of the Calatrava Order.

After the expulsion of the Jews, the building was temporarily used by Conceptionist nuns, as witnessed by a fine wooden roof and a Moorish ceiling bearing the coat of arms of the founder of the order, Beatriz de Silva. A few years later, it was occupied by the Commanders of Santiago, leaving for posterity the gothic cloister, the pictorial decoration of the Bethlehem chapels, the object of excavations in search of Muslim roots in the city, and the church of Santiago, built with one nave by Antón Egas, redecorated in the baroque style in the XVII Century.

Together with one of the entrances there still are remains of wall paintings on the facade from the XVIII Century. The relief by Santiago Matamoros is reminiscent of the baroque hospital that was built there.

The group is currently undergoing final restoration work before its addition to the Museum of Santa Cruz.

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