Church of Santa Eulalia

This is a small church in a hollow which makes it almost undistinguishable from the adjacent country house. The foundation of the parish church was in 559, in the reign of king Atanagildo. It is therefore thirty years before the conversion of the Visigoth kingdom to catholocism made by king Recaredo.

In times of Muslim occupation it continued to be a Christian church with Visigoth or Mozarabic worship. According to folklore, this is where el Cid founded the brotherhood of Santa Vera-Cruz.

Despite several changes, it retains its early Basilical base, of three naves separated by horseshoe arches framed in alfiz (a Mozarabic motif), supported by pairs of columns, some Roman, with Visigoth capitals.

It is still Mozarabic, worship being held of this faith on Sundays.

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