Church of San Román

Located on the second of the twleve hills of Toledo, this offers a privileged view from its tower. The present museum of los Concilios features Visigoth capitals inside that testify to its ancient origin. It can be speculated that somewhere there once was a Roman building, a Visigoth church and a Muslim mosque side by side.

The current building is typically Mudejar, with three naves separated by horseshoe arches and covered by a coffered ceiling. The main chapel, however, is from the XVI Century, by Alonso de Covarrubias, covered by a vault with caissons. The main altarpiece is by Diego de Velasco.

The most striking feature is the condition of the Roman wall paintings, that show Byzantine influences, with frontal hieratic figures, Muslims in the two-colour arch keystones, as well as a dramatic representation of the resurrection of the dead.

Farther back is the effigy of San Cristóbal on the wall of the present entrance. As a museum it contains a rich range of Visigoth archaeological findings, both decorative stone elements and funeral trousseaus, including the classic gold and silver cells of coloured vitreous glass and amber necklaces from the Baltic. The most outstanding pieces are however, the reproductions of the famous treasure of Guarrazar, a magnificent example of the gold and silver work from the times of Recesvinto, Sisebuto, Suintila...

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