Church of San Lucas

This is practically two churches in one, since next to the Mudejar church with three naves and its corresponding chapels at the head, was added a large baroque chapel in the XVII Century. It was one of the first Mozarabic or Visigoth parish churches The brick pillars support Caliph arches that may have been witness to works carried out during the Islamic period.

The central nave has a collar-beam roof and the sides ones have ceilings. The tower features a very typical Toledo Mudejar figure, although the group has changed greatly during the ages, having been restored very recently.

The building has two doors, one at the base of the temple and another in the North facade. It is the only church to have a walled up garden. The baroque chapel of the Virgen de la Esperanza, who is much worshipped in Toledo, is covered by a dome on pechinas.

It is still owned by the Mozarabic community.

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