Church of San Lorenzo

The current remains of the temple of San Lorenzo in the city of Toledo, rest on an early Muslim mosque, with a base in the shape of an irregular quadrangle. A fire destroyed the religious centre in 1936, from which only the tower and the walls remained standing.

The exterior of this church features an enclosure wall, made using bonding from Toledo and brick, and in which are preserved some areas with the old rendering with drawings. Said wall is, on occasions, open by small windows or oculi, that allow the interior space to be lit. There is a walled up entrance, the remains of an ancient entrance to the temple through the nave of the epistle. At the exterior junction of the wall with the tower there is a cantilever preserved featuring the figure of an angel, holding a shield composed of two dragon heads loctated on the vertex, joined at the mouth by a bar.

At the base of the church, and up to the junction of the nave of the epistle and the tower, there is the atrium, closed with a wrought iron Catalan style roof with wooden beams and covered, with two or three pitches, with Arabic tiling. This atrium is connected to the inside of the church by round arches.

The tower-belltower, located in the centre of the nave of the epistle, is composed of three bodies (two lower Mudejar ones and a third baroque one) separated by a line of cut stones. It is made of masonry and brick and features, on the four faces of the upper body, openings formed by round arches.

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