Church of San Ildefonso or Jesuitas

For the Jesuits to have a convent and church in Toledo it was necessary to wait for the death of cardinal Silíceo. With his successor, brother Bartolomé de Carranza all oppositiondisappeared upon his arrival in Toledo.

Its construction took longer than 150 years, its approach following the example of Il Gesú in Rome, with its stone facade bearing a large window and sombre decoration with enormous corinthian columns that framed the niches of the church's saints like an altar. The dedication to San Ildefonso, a bishop from Toledo in the VII Century, can be seen on the central relif of the "Imposition of the Chasuble". This scene and the brick towers are the only adaptation to the surroundings. The imposing semi spherical dome stands out from a distance, almost equalling the height of the Cathedral and the Alcázar castle.

From among all the architects who participated in such a large work, all masters of Cathedral works, Bartolomé Zumbigo y Salcedo was the designer of the exterior appearnce featuring the towers and the facade. The church was consecrated in 1718, before its main chapel, sacristy and the "ochavo" holding relics were finished, these works being finished almost forty years later.

The inside, in accordance with the precepts of the order, has a Latin cross with one nave and interconnected side chapels. The main chapel, covered by a dome with tambour and lantern, features a large false altarpiece dedicated to its patron saint.

The sculptures are largely the work of Germán López, such as of San José and several of the apostles. The salomonic altarpiece of San Juan, located in the transept, comes from the now disappeared parish church of San Juan Bautista, moved to this temple after the expulsion of the Jesuits from Spain.

Recently restored, the church is open to the public and offers the chance to see the narrow tower of the Cathedral close up and enjoy the panoramic view of the entire city from the two wide towers with their large openings on their four sides.

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