Church of San Andres

This is one of the most interesting temples in Toledo since it brings together elements from ages as diverse as a Visigoth pilaster and a chapel made of false marble from the XVIII Century, the centuries in between also leaving their marks.

Its main entrance is the first to catch the eye, the only one of its kind in Toledo, in an almohade style bearing strange little green ceramic columns over the door. The capitals are Visigoth, the Muslim past being represented by a funereal pilaster.

During the XVI Century the solid late gothic head was added, with exterior buttresses that compensate for the considerable change in height, while its interior features a delicate vault and palm arch ribs with honeycomb work in the transept naves. This elegant decoration, very similar to that of San Juan de los Reyes, contrasts with the sobreness of the horseshoe arches that separate the three naves in the church, covered by simple wooden coffered ceilings. The altarpieces are by Juan de Borgoña, the author of all the wall paintings of the cathedral Chapter House. It can only be visited before or after masses.

It is the setting for the very popular and emotional procession of the Virgen de la Alegría, on the night of Easter Sunday "la noche de la Resurrección".

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