Campus of fabrica de armas

In the former facilities of the factory of weapons of Toledo, with over two hundred years of history, stands technological university campus that has adopted the same name.

This is one of the most unique university campuses that are currently in Spain since the ancient craft of producing armaments have been rehabilitated to create ido them aularios, laboratories, biliotecas and sports areas for the university students.

In their buildings come to class every day thousands of students in careers as Industrial Engineering, Chemical, Environment, Sport, physiotherapy or nursing, among other qualifications. The recovery of all weapons for occupancy by the University of Castilla-La Mancha was a symbol of progress and development for the city of Toledo.

The history of the Weapons Factory and the city have always been linked for generations among Toledano, and that once represented the focus of most important industrial activity in the capital throughout the twentieth century and now because many of the young City studying in what was the former factory.

The current university facilities occupy more than a dozen buildings restoration and rehabilitation of the former weapons factory. But all of them, highlight Sabatini Building, so called because it was built according to a draft Francisco Sabatini, Italian architect author of the Royal Palace in Madrid.

This building, original location of machinery, warehouses and offices of the factory and now swords dieciochesca administrative headquarters of the University, looks like palace with a large atrium three ships that give an air of grandeur to the building.

This beautiful building presides over a compound consisting of several buildings neomudéjarer of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and embedded in a web of straight streets and wooded next to the Tagus. The package is a good example of industrial architecture with an integration landscape, making this campus, a marvel to visit and stroll.

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