Baths of Tenerías

Baths in the world of Islam were a very important and common practice, and this became a habit that had a big effect in other religious groups, even out of the peninsula. There were private and public baths taht covered the demands of all social groups and, therefore, became a building with many functions and different purposes: hygienic, religion and social purposes.

The baths were divided in various adjacent rooms with additional access and service areas. These constructions were made with an arched roof.The Arab Baths of Tenerías are located on the right bank of the river Tajo, as it passes by the city of Toledo, next to the Church of San sebastián de las Carreras, in the terrains called the "Rodaderos del Tajo", south of the city. The Baths were discovered and excavations and studies to the archaeologists Juan Manuel Rojas and Ramón Villa. The research carried out confirmed the importance of the site and the presence of humans during the Middle Ages and untill Modern Times.

The archaeological site of Tenerías is composed of the following structures:

Access, North West area
Sitting room;bayt al-máslah"
Cold baths;bayt al.bárid"
Warm baths;bayt al-wastani"
Hot baths;bayt al-sajûn"
Water well

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