San Marcos Arts Centre

In Toledo, sometimes not everything is as it appears: ancient churches that are now concert halls, convents that are now university lecture rooms, a nuns cemetery that in the XX Century was turned into an arts centre...

So we find ourselves in the San Marcos arts centre, an ancient convent that has, with the passing of the centuries, accepted its conversion into the headquarters of the Historic Interpretation Centre of Toledo and the Municipal Archive of the city. The centre also has an exhibition gallery and auditorium for events.


This Project is one of the most emblematic in the whole group of actions within the Urban Renewal Programme of the Historic Centre of Toledo. It was created with the defined objective of recovering one of the major buildings of the city for civic life, preparing and adapting it for new use and high added value that would allow the centralisation of cultural activities, archive and library, exhibition gallery and auditorium, etc. Until this time these were scattered around the city, as there was not the necessary infrastructure to allow the concentration of these services.

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